About Us

Childbloom Guitar program is a comprehensive musical education program for children between the ages of 5 and 14. It was developed in 1980 by Kevin Taylor of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. The Childbloom Guitar Method is currently being used by educators throughout the nation and is the largest program of its kind in the United States. The Childbloom Method of guitar instruction focuses on using playful, accessible songs and activities to help students develop confidence, motivation, and a love for music. Our curriculum and positive, low-pressure teaching environment is structured to give students fun learning experiences that are appropriate to their age and development level, while helping them acquire good technique, expressive playing, and solid music reading skills.

Note: For student performance clips, links to excellent guitar resource websites, and more information on the Childbloom Guitar Program visit the national website via the following link: Childbloom.

Founder Kevin Taylor works with one of our students.


Childbloom instructors are trained systematically and thoroughly. Through in-class experience, carefully designed teaching materials, study of child development, practice in group dynamics, and accumulation of a large activity repertoire, our instructors are well prepared to guide your child’s learning process. Instructors are thoroughly schooled in classical guitar technique and trained in understanding the physiology involved with playing the instrument. This ensures each teacher will be able to demonstrate proper use of the hands and help students prevent problems associated with incorrect playing positions.


Instructors are periodically reviewed to ensure that all students are exposed to a consistently high level of instruction. Derwyn Browne completed training for certification under Austin, TX based Childbloom Founder Kevin Taylor. Derwyn continually works to refine his teaching techniques and understanding of children's learning processes through ongoing education training, national teacher workshops, and lesson critiques by master teachers.

Parental Support

Parents are an important part of their child’s learning process. To this end, we strongly encourage parents to attend the lesson with their child. “We have found,” says founder Kevin Taylor, “that the more parents are involved in this process, the faster the student learns, the more the student learns, and the more persistent the student will be.” Many parents involved in the Childbloom Program do not have a musical background. This is not an issue, as we provide tools for even the most non-musical parent to be able to support their child’s learning.

Along with written materials and recordings of the music your child will be learning, parents receive a monthly Childbloom newsletter that provides strategies for helping guide your child’s skill development, tips for practicing at home, national contests for students to enter, and suggestions for dealing with challenging issues.



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